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da1J. Aris Koroyan created SUDZZfx products to meet the demands of fresh, edgy stylists who strive to be true Design Artists.

We create reliable treatment and styling tools to help your urban/urban aspiring clients to express their individual selves, from Mild to Wild, and be as Original as they want to be.

Why SUDZZfx?
Francine Elizabeth creates couture designs at only 20! She's a young prodigy.
D&N Clothing create strong, bold, street chic party tanks of various colors and sizes for ragers.
TanyaB created workout wear for the active urbanite.
Jay Nicolas Sario was a Project Runway Season 7 finalist and has established himself as a visionary talent.

Featured Blends

  • SUDZZfx Airplay Designing Spray

    SUDZZfx Airplay Designing Spray