Before You Buy

Help Us Stop Diversion

Diversion in our industry can be stopped dead in it’s tracks by voting NO every time you purchase an item online or in store. Support Beauty Professionals and our industry by always buying through Authorized Sources.

As a company SUDZZfx is committed to the Design Artist and the salons and spas they work for. We do not distribute through 3rd party vendors online or otherwise and have a Zero Tolerance Policy for individuals or companies that divert products through discount outlets or online shopping spaces. Over the years we have closed down and terminated many sources who have sold counterfeit, expired, and diluted versions of SUDZZfx products and continue to pursue legally the termination of these channels.

What Consumers Need to Know

As a buyer please support your local salon by first locating an Authorized SUDZZfx Salon via our locator. If there is not a location close to you, we welcome you to purchase directly from us. We guarantee 100% the quality, safety and shelf-life of our products through this channel. Products purchased through Unauthorized Channels cannot be guaranteed for safety or authenticity.

What Beauty Pros Need to Know

As a Design Artist and Beauty Professional SUDZZfx only guarantees 100% the safety and shelf-life of our products purchased through an Authorized SUDZZfx Distributor that you can view via our locator. Known diverters may be issuing counterfeit, expired or diluted versions of SUDZZfx products (many in packaging that predates 2008 and are long-since expired). If you cannot locate an Authorized Distributor in your area you are welcome to purchase directly from SUDZZfx.