Artful Design

SUDZZfx® has harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology to keep your client’s hair healthier and colour brighter longer, with an extraordinary commitment to helping you advance your artistic skills.

Aside from the science and formulation behind SUDZZfx®, we strive to deliver advanced education programs including hands-on and in-salon training. Our industry is one of the most remarkably resilient, innovative and artistic industries in the world that loves new ideas. SUDZZfx® sought not only to deliver you something new, fresh and edgy with our unique blends, but also deliver the same in knowledge and skill building.

As a stylist J. Aris Koroyan was never satisfied with the static, cookie cutter solutions to styling needs for client’s sitting in the chair. One of the core abilities he wanted to imbue in SUDZZfx®, was the ability to seamlessly cocktail styling products together to achieve limitless artistic solutions for any client’s look. We urge you to cocktail and play with SUDZZfx® products to truly have fun artistically. We also provide the Design & Fixx Cocktailing Guide to get you started on creating your own blends.

Sometimes client’s need more than just a shampoo condition to treat the unique array of conditions you want to tackle on the path to giving them immediate healthy, shiny hair. To give you the ammunition to treat and correct any condition, the SUDZZfx® team has created an array of service menu treatment options for you and your clients. From our Men’s Body Builder Treatment that helps bring up volume to flat or thinning hair…to our Protein Shoque Treatment that delivers a powerful dose of protein to damaged hair, you can treat them all. We provide you with an easy to follow Treatment Guide with step-by-steps so your client’s hair will be ready for any artistic vision you come up with…damage free!