Innovative Science

Science and technology make the difference between products that offer you Immediate, Healthy Shiny Hair and those that do not.

FXulites® addresses hydration, anti-aging and keratin repair, and cuticle repair to smooth away frayed ends. They work to maintain the integrity of the hair, especially between colour treatments by targeting specific areas of damage, infusing hair with the strength needed to fight against the effects of thermal styling tools (blow dryers, irons, etc.), environmental elements (sun, smog) and even fluorescent lighting. FXulites® stand up to anything that degrades protein and colour.Your hair colour says something about you. It changes. It shouldn’t, however change between treatments.

With the ColourFix3 Complex™, SUDZZfx® protects, preserves and performs when it comes to colour-treated hair. We include the highest quality colour-protection ingredients to extend colour. Colour is brighter, stronger, deeper for longer periods of time.


SUDZZfx® shampoos are sulfate-free, meaning that harsh detergents and ingredients aren’t included to create lather. SUDZZfx® goes even further, making sure that the ingredients that are included for lather don’t combine to produce hidden sulfates. Look at our ingredients. See no laurl, laureth and ammonium sulfates. All SUDZZfx® hair care products are paraben-free.

All SUDZZfx® products include certified organic botanicals in homeopathic percentages in order to create a healthier scalp for healthier hair. These botanicals combine to help stimulate a regeneration of cells while transforming the process of colour preservation. Naturally, they’re as good for the environment as they are for your hair. Shinier hair. Sexier hair.

All SUDZZfx® products are precision blended to help restore hair to its optimum state of health, maintain that health and ensure more vibrant longer lasting colour. We want you to be free of unneeded, unnecessary and potential harmful ingredients that fly in the face of that promise…and everything we believe in. No Propylene Glycol No Sodium Chloride No DEA or TEA …and we never test on animals.